Class Programs Bethel Park

This program introduces children to basic gymnastic skills and coordination tasks on various gymnastic equipment. The emphasis of the program is getting children to try new skills, positively reinforcing the attempts. In our program children can have fun while they develop coordination, gymnastic skills, balance and self confidence. The class times are divided by age. Students should register for their current age group. All of the classes are similar in content, but vary in approach and expectations.

Starting at age 2 .5 and including children not yet comfortable with parent separation “My Grown Up & Me” classes will include children of all abilities whose special needs require their grown-ups personal spotting for a safe and successful experience at Gymkhana.

6-16 years (Levels 1 & 2 beginner and 3-6 intermediate)
These classes include instruction on basic gymnastic skills for a new beginner as well as a continuing student still at the beginner or intermediate level. Children are evaluated and placed into the appropriate age and ability groups within their class times. Students may move from one level to the next by passing skill requirements.

Intermediate level gymnasts will have the opportunity to learn short optional routines and to attend a few informal meets, (added cost per meet)

These classes are for girls and boys interested in tumbling. Students will concentrate on tumbling skills on the floor, trampoline and tumble trak.


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